Karmen cracks glass waste ceiling

glass bottle waste platter
recycled glass oyster platter

We are an innovative company that collects the glass waste from local businesses and reforms it into contemporary glassware. Displayed in restaurants and homes throughout the world. Our product range includes glasses, all forms of tableware, and contemporary lighting. Our business is at the forefront of sustainable product development, we take everyday glass waste and upcycle these throw away items into reusable life long products.

Our company is a family based business, set in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast where we value a balance between family and work life. We have, after years of research and testing created a selection of bowls, platters and plates using crushed bottles reformed in a glass kiln. Our Blu Ice range has been well received in the restaurant industry as it offers an ecologically friendly and unique eyecatching way to present modern dishes.

Karmen has become a glass artist by training extensively throughout Australia and with her knowledge she is specialising in kiln fired glassware running two kilns 24×7. Each piece is an original unique design handcrafted piece. These are hand cut and then fired for up to 30 hours at 1500°F to produce these awesome pieces.

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